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Latest news

9/1/05 DuMond found dead in his cell

The Kansas City Star

Wayne DuMond, who was convicted in 2003 in the slaying of a Parkville woman, died early Wednesday, apparently of natural causes.

DuMond, 55, was discovered dead at 7:03 a.m. in the Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Mo., where he was serving life in prison, the Missouri Department of Corrections confirmed.....

1/9/04 Convicted killer sentenced to life in prison

The Kansas City Star

Wayne DuMond, who was convicted in November of murdering a Parkville woman, was sentenced Friday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors said DuMond, 54, suffocated Carol Sue Shields of Parkville on Sept. 20, 2000. Shields, 39, was at a friend's apartment at 7918 N. Holly St. in Kansas City, North when she was attacked by an intruder.

Circuit Judge Larry D. Harman said Friday that life without parole was the only available sentencing option. Prosecutors had declined to seek the death penalty in the case.

1/9/04 Paroled Arkansas Rapist Sentenced to Life in Prison

Liberty, MO - Convicted killer Wayne Dumond was sentenced Friday. You may remember, he was charged with the death of Carol Sue Shields in Missouri. He was also convicted of rape here in Arkansas, but later granted clemency.

The judgement was not much of a surprise; prosecutors did not go for the death penalty. Wayne Dumond was once again, given life in prison.
"The court sentences Wayne Dumond to the Missouri Department of Corrections for a period of life imprisonment without the possibility of probation or parole."

The courtroom remained quiet after the sentence came down. Paroled Arkansas rapist Wayne Dumond was sent to prison again. This time he will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the death of Carol Sue Shields four years ago....

11/18/03 Prosecutor: DuMond remorseful for killing


On the day Wayne DuMond murdered Carol Sue Shields in a north Kansas City apartment, his wife found him naked and passed-out drunk on the floor of their garage, a half-empty bottle of Jim Beam whiskey nearby.

"I think he actually felt remorse for what he had done to Carol Shields," the prosecuting attorney said last week after the jurors convicted DuMond of first-degree murder in Liberty, Mo. "I think that’s why he came home and got drunk."...

11/17/03 DuMond guilty in 2000 slaying

Posted on Thu, Nov. 13, 2003
DuMond guilty in 2000 slaying
Jury spends three hours deliberating
By GLENN E. RICE The Kansas City Star

Lois Davidson occasionally kisses a gold angel she wears on a necklace. The angel is a reminder of her daughter — Carol Sue Shields — who was killed three years ago in a Kansas City, North, apartment.

Since that day, she has hoped that someone would be convicted of murdering her daughter.

That happened Wednesday, when a Clay County jury convicted Wayne DuMond of first-degree murder in Shields' death. “It's been a nightmare, but now it's over and that sucker will be gone,” Davidson said after the verdict was announced. “He can't hurt anybody else.”

Kyle Shields, the victim's 17-year-old son, said he was ecstatic with the jury's verdict. “I couldn't be happier,” Kyle said. “Finally, I've got a little bit of closure.”

The jury deliberated three hours, working through lunch, before returning the verdict Wednesday afternoon.

11/11/03 Testimony ends in DuMond trial

11/7/03 Prosecutors place accused at murder scene

11/6/03 Prosecutors assemble homicide case

11/5/03 Murder suspect's former employer testifies

11/4/03 Murder trial gets under way

11/4/03 Testimony opens in paroled rapist's murder trial

Posted on Tue, Nov. 04, 2003
Testimony opens in paroled rapist's murder trial
Associated Press

LIBERTY, Mo. - As the murder trial for a paroled Arkansas rapist began, the defense quickly moved to suggest that there were other possible suspects in the killing of a suburban Kansas City woman three years ago.

But in his opening statement Monday, a prosecutor told jurors that scientific evidence will pinpoint Wayne DuMond as the killer of Carol Sue Shields, a married mother of three found suffocated in the apartment of a man with whom she was having an affair....

Most of these links are now obsolete

8/2/01 Right-wing community rallied to free Dumond, NW Arkansas Times ***
I totally disagree with the author/interviewer's conclusions regarding the case with Ms. Stevens, based on stacks of evidence and testimony, but if DuMond is responsible for what he is charged with now, I can only wish he had stayed in prison.

7/28/01 Crime and DuMond, Arkansas Democrate-Gazette ***

7/25/01 Northland homicide case gets fresh start as grand jury indicts suspect, Kansas City Star ***

7/18/01 No rush to charge in second murder (Sara Andrasek), Kansas City Star

7/13/01 Some DuMond advocates stand by their man, Arkansas Times ***
One clarification to make in this article -- At the end, the reporter writes, "Ellis said if found guilty, DuMond should be executed." What I said was that if Wayne is guilty, he should be put to death (or "executed"). Guilty and "found guilty". There is sometimes a difference.

7/13/01 Huckabee wrong, Tucker contends, NW Arkansas Times

7/12/01 Huckabee says he did support DuMond parole, NW Arkansas Times

7/3/01 DuMond's attorney wants change of venue for murder trial (How DNA was matched), Kansas City Star ***

7/3/01 Huckabee 'signal' tied to DuMond parole, NW Arkansas Times

7/2/01 DuMond pleads not guilty to first-degree murder charge, Kansas City Star

7/1/01 DuMond scheduled to be arraigned on murder charges today, Kansas City Star

6/30/01 DuMond charged in slaying; prosecutor sites DNA match, NW Arkansas Times ***

6/30/01 Murder suspect's record is shrouded in controversy, Kansas City Star ***

6/29/01 DuMond charged with Northland woman's murder (Background), Kansas City Star ***

6/29/01 DuMond charged with Murder, Kansas City Star

6/28/01 Police investigate similarities in two murders (Sara Andrasek), Kansas City Channel

6/27/01 DuMond linked to 2000 killing, NW Arkansas Times

6/26/01 DuMond a suspect in local murder, Kansas City Channel

6/26/01 DNA evidence links DuMond to slain Parkville Woman (Carol Shields), Kansas City Star ***

6/26/01 DuMond suspected in death, NW Arkansas Times

FreeRepublic.com (Latest Posts) - Huge forum with newspaper articles and discussions on everything regarding Wayne DuMond FreeRepublic.com has many of the important articles regarding Wayne DuMond in the Arkanasas case, particularly the articles which are not in his favor. Also, not many of the articles listed on my site or on my Arkansas-Stephens case page will be found on FreeReublic. Keep in mind that many of the earlier articles posted on FR before the murders in MO (3/21/01 and earlier) and many of the comments are very biased and contain wrong information to support views as to his supposed guilt in the Stephens case. Not very many of the articles demonstrating his innocence are presented. Most of the articles posted since the murders (6/26/01 and later) are more reliable, in my opinion. 7/13/2002 -- This link is fixed! Fixed again 6/29/2003!

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Some background regarding this page
by Kroy Ellis
Revised 7/11/01

This was originally a detailed informational page on the case regarding Wayne DuMond's arrest and imprisonment in 1985 for a rape crime in Forrest City, Arkansas that I have been convinced he did not commit. I became connected with Wayne through a mutually close friend, along with Wayne's wife, Dusty and many others, who were trying to get the truth out about Wayne's case and to get him released. He was released five years before he was scheduled to be released on parole in 2004.

On Saturday, 6/23/01, Wayne DuMond was arrested as a suspect in the murder of Carol Shields in Kansas City, Missouri. Everything coming out in the news points to Mr. DuMond as the one who murdered Mrs. Shields.

Wayne was involved in serious criminal activity for about five years after he returned from Viet Nam, including assisting in a brutal murder. That was over twenty years ago. I believed that there was real change in his life after that period (though I can't be certain of it), based on my knowledge of him, his wife and others who were helping him and who had known him far longer than I. I do not believe Mr. DuMond committed the crime in Arkansas.

What has happened to Carol Shields and Sara Andrasak is horrible. What I am guilty of myself, is having tried to help Mr. DuMond by researching, collecting, and posting much of the documentation, evidence, and some of the key testimony pointing to why he could not have committed the crime (or supposed crime) in Arkansas.

I came to my conclusion of his innocence based on my knowledge of Wayne's late wife, Dusty, and other friends of theirs, a large amount of virtually irrefutable evidence and testimony uncovered and documented by news investigators, a private investigator, a retired captain in the Arkansas State Police, a DNA specialist, and other experts and witnesses, some of whom I spoke to at length. Others of much higher caliber than myself believed in his innocence, based on these and other things.

Many from all over the country were supporting Wayne in various ways, based on what they knew of his case.

Now two more people are dead. I still hope to God he is not the one who did this, though it appears that he is the murderer in at least one, if not both cases.

In light of what has happened, and with the suffering that the murder victims' relatives and friends are going through, the Arkansas information is meaningless and doesn't belong on the Internet, unless it turns out that Wayne is not the one who committed these crimes. If Wayne is guilty, it was a mistake that I ever published the Arkansas information or supported him.

The Arkansas information has been removed. To see some of the articles that have been posted and discussed about the Arkansas case so far, go to FreeRepublic.com archives.

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A Note on Emails I Have Received


I have been getting emails from some who are personally connected in some way to the latest murders -- friends of the victims and those personally affected by what has happened. These dear folks are very angry that DuMond was ever released, and angry at me for posting all the information here on the Arkansas case on Wayne's behalf. If you have been affected by this, please feel free to email me. (Thank you also to those who have sent messages of encouragement!)

Most of the work on the Arkansas portion of this site, now removed (including a large amount of research and personal calls to some of those mentioned on the Arkansas page), was done between two and three years ago, when Wayne's record and the change in his life had been pretty consistent for twenty two years since 1976, according to what I and many others closer than myself to him knew. Thirteen of those years were, of course, during his time in prison.

Wayne DuMond was involved in three serious criminal acts from the time he returned from Viet Nam between 1972 and 1976, though he has no criminal record before or after that. During this period, he was arrested and charged with murder and assault. He was charged in 1976 with rape, but charges were dropped.

Regarding the Arkansas case, I never regretted having proven (or having tried to prove) that someone didn't do something, if they didn't do it, especially in this case, where there appeared to be such change that had taken place in his life for the last twenty years, until now. If Wayne committed these murders, I regret having ever supported him by putting up this information, but I can't reverse it.

What has happened now has stunned me. Though I do know Wayne personally (but haven't communicated with him in two years), I will say plainly that Wayne should have gotten the maximum sentence for his earlier crimes. He only received a five year deferred sentence in the assault case.

The case regarding Carol Shields is horrible. According to what the police allegedly have come up with, the case looks pretty cut and dry that Wayne DuMond committed the murder, as well as possibly the murder of Sara Andrasek. I still want to see what develops before I am convinced, even though it would appear from the police reports that DuMond is guilty of one or both of these murders.

If Wayne DuMond is guilty of one or both of these murders, I believe that he should receive the death penalty, though that won't bring back the victims or compensate in any way for what has happened. I wish it could.

If Wayne committed the crimes in the early 70's that he was accused of, and had been put to death, or imprisoned for life then, this would not have happened if Wayne is the one who committed the KC murders. Those early cases are more relevant now, in my opinion, than the Arkansas case where it appears to me that DuMond was not connected, if a crime even occurred.

According to our concept of justice in America, the things that occurred in the Arkansas case should never have happened. Perhaps, in God's justice (which sees the end from the beginning), he had what happened and more coming to him.

I do know that God is sovereign and nothing can happen apart from him allowing it, including his allowing his own son to die on the cross, in order to save and give eternal life to whoever who will believe in him. He knows the truth about everything, whereas I can only see into some of these things dimly. The most important thing to me is to know the truth of these things, regardless of whose side it falls on. (As difficult as it may be to deal with, if I'm wrong.)

There is nothing I can say or do that would lift the suffering inflicted on the victims and their family and friends. Only that I am sorry and that I will do whatever I can to stand with them in this. It's possible that what some are saying may be true, that I may in some indirect way be responsible for what happened, by having made this small effort (the Arkansas posts) on his behalf. I don't think that in the end, it made any real difference as to whether Wayne was released when he was.

I hope to God, Mr. DuMond is not the one who did this, but even more, I am praying for those close to these women, especially for their families. This is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone.

I am praying for you. I have also contacted some of the key people who have been connected to Wayne in the Arkansas case, who have contacted his late wife's pastor and others. They and the wife's church are praying for the victims' families and friends too. I really don't know how to pray, but I am praying especially for the peace inside of you that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. I know that only he can fully heal the wounds that come from this -- there would be no hope in this world for any of us apart from that.

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