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What if?

What if a man could cure all kinds of diseases and medical disorders, mental and physical, with a word or a touch of his hand; what if he could read peoples' minds; what if he knows of a certain fish with a certain kind of coin in its stomach and tells his friend to cast out his line, then causes this fish to be caught; what if he can cause a small amount of food to multiply enough to feed thousands of people and still have some leftovers; what if he can cause dead people to come back to life; what if he could turn plain water into fine wine; what if he could control the weather by speaking to it; what if he was able to walk on water; what if people could be cured of illness by just touching his clothes; what if he could raise people from the dead;

What if he knows the future and knew exactly when, why, and how he would die; what if on one occasion his face shone like the sun and his clothes appeared white as light; what if he could cause a tree to shrivel up and die by just speaking to it; what if when he was arrested and taken to jail, stripped, spit at, hit with fists and sticks, lied about, and beaten severely, he didnít even defend himself; what if when he died an earthquake occurred and a huge curtain was torn apart from top to bottom, rocks split in two, graves broke open and dead people were brought back to life; and what if, after this man was dead for three days, he came back to life and came out of a sealed and guarded tomb? Would you believe him when he tells you that he is God? I do! This man lived on earth for about 33 years. You can read about Him in the Holy Bible. Start with the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Shirley Lauser, 1983

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts

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