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Hundreds of configurations and colors, comprehensive warranty.
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ESD help, resources and accessories

Bench Pro D Series workbench with options


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We sell BenchPro's™ entire line of professional workbench systems and chairs at the lowest prices, starting at $258 for 24x48 bare work tables, $316 for ESD, $99 for Roosevelt, $171 for Roosevelt ESD. (Prices change frequently, so please ask for a quote!)

WE ARE THE WORKBENCH EXPERTS. We serve and supply everyone from large multi-facility plants and government facilities to small businesses.

ORDERS ARE SHIPPED DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY IN ANY QUANTITY. We can usually ship in 5 business days for stock items on orders for 10 benches or less. For higher quantities, add a day or two for every 10 benches. If you don't see what you want, just ask. You get personal, expert service and attention when you call for your workbench needs -- before, during and after your purchase.

CHOOSE YOUR TOPS: Formica®, Nevamar™ or LisStat™ ESD, Steel, Chemical Resistant, Cleanroom, Maple/Butcher Block or Wood tops. Or buy without tops and add your own. Then add your options, accessories and colors. Configure your benches, tables and chairs any way you like, in almost any size, from bare work tables to fully loaded assembly, repair and lab workstations. See why you should buy BenchPro compared to others. Email us for a fast quote (please include your zip and phone no.)

Call or email us for a fast (2 hrs. or less), itemized quote on a BenchPro™ workbench & chair solution.

BenchPro Industrial Workbench Furniture and Tables
for Manufacturing, Electronic Assembly, Repair, Lab and Computer

Commercial benches for factory, school and shop
Static dissipative/ ESD workbenches for electronics manufacturing, automotive workshop, test & repair
LAN desks, computer repair and assembly benches

Lab workstations for medical, dental and tech labs
Office workbenches and workbench systems
Workbenches for shipping, packaging & receiving
ESD benches for electronics assembly, test & repair

Sample Workbench Configurations with Prices and Options

Kennedy Series Workbench
with options -
Legs in Corners

Kennedy Series workbench with options - Click for sample configurations & prices
Kennedy Series bench 30x60 with accessories
$783 at quantity of 5, ESD $923

(minus Bottom Drawer, Bin Box Rail and Foot Rest)

At quantity of 5
Kennedy 24x48 bare work table $250.
ESD Kennedy 24x48 bare work table $365

For any quantity or size call or email us for pricing

Dewey Series Workbench
with options -
Legs in Corners

Dewey Series workbench with options - Click for sample configurations & prices
Dewey Series bench 30x60 with accessories
$783 at quantity of 5, ESD $923

(minus Bin Box Rail and Foot Rest)

At quantity of 5
Dewey 24x48 bare work table $250
ESD Dewey 24x48 bare work table $365

For any quantity or size call or email us for pricing

Customer Comments

...So from myself and my colleagues, Thank you very much to you Kroy and the facility that made the clip on the uprights bigger. I will keep in contact with possibly more orders because other areas of the facility are jealous of the light frames in our new final assembly room.
Thank You!!!

Jeff Crume Jr.
C.I. Engineer-Tooling
Conn-Selmer. Inc

...Thank you for all your help! If only all our suppliers gave us the same level of service!
John Nanry, Raytheon

Hi Kroy: We just got the benches. We put two together. They look great. And a week early. Great!
. . .
We love them. They make the place look more open and professional. We had wood work benches.
BW, Avcom SMT

I love the table. It's a cadillac. Put it together myself. Looks great. . . . What directions? Don't need no stinky directions.
Cheryl, Alaska Native Technologies

The quality of the equipment is outstanding. Pricing was great, . . . and your support exceeded our expectations! I will recommend your firm to anyone here who needs lab benches or tables.
Carrie, Apple

We got our shipment this afternoon and I have assembled the workbenches. All looks excellent and went together with ease. This is really a quality, well built product.

...I've been meaning to contact you to thank you and let you know everything turned out terrific. We are very pleased with the product and the conscientious service we have received.
DC, DawnSews

Why buy BenchPro workbenches?

  • Our BenchPro workbench systems are the best constructed and highest quality in the industry. BenchPro workbenches are heavy duty, industrial grade and built rock solid. Frame and top unit will support over 5,000 lbs of distributed weight even in the largest sizes. Extra heavy-duty models will support 10 tons (20,000 lbs). You may never need benches with these load capacities. However this indicates the strength of BenchPro's frame and top systems. It is very difficult to overstress a BenchPro workbench when used within those limits. (BenchPro does not guarantee their benches for any specific application.) Top support aprons and all joints are welded. BenchPro's exclusive "Cinch-Tite™" joint system allows for much greater load capacities than other welded designs. They are highly configurable, modular and adjustable. Available in any height or height adjustable. All options and accessories are heavily tested and are of the highest industrial quality. BenchPro's workbench technology and design is well ahead of any others. They are industrial strength, splinter proof, warp, heat and moisture resistant and attractive. BenchPro's benches are built and tested to meet or exceed all related ANSI/BIFMA industry standards.

  • Advanced ESD workbench system -- the most static-safe in the industry. Sides and bottoms of ESD tops need to be static-dissipative as well as the work surface. Our ESD workbench system includes: •BenchPro's internal 5-sided ESD laminate conductive system. •Tops laminated on 5 sides with Nevamar's™ Static Dissipative Laminate™ -- The most conductive and wear resistant ESD laminate made or LisStat equivalent -- Guaranteed. Nevamar, 3M™ and LisStat laminates are the only laminates that consistently meet all related ANSI/ESDA and federal GSA standards. Only these laminates contain a fail-safe conductive layer core to maintain ESD properties under many years of use, wear and cleaning. •Exclusive sealed conductive aluminum underside connects all five laminate areas, adds redundancy and eliminates residual static charges. •Typical resistance is 10e6 ohms (1 megohm) to 10e7 ohms (10 megohms) at 40 to 60% relative humidity. •Two banana jacks for wrist strap plug-in •Two lugs and ground wires BenchPro workbenches and tops will not lose their ESD properties and this is guaranteed for 25 years, unlike benches with cheaper or chemical ESD laminates. BenchPro uses Nevamar's Static Dissipative Laminate or their own equivalent LisStat because of their highly superior ESD and wear-resistant qualities. BenchPro has tested every known ESD laminate. Other ESD laminates and chemical coatings are inconsistent and lose their ESD properties with frequent or heavy use and cleaning. •BenchPro has a long history (since 1983) of making and improving electronic workbench design superior to any other. See our ESD system description page for more.

  • Superior Frame designs, quality unsurpassed. Frames: 16 gauge, 2" welded tube-steel frames made of high quality U.S. steel, 14 gauge for long benches (lower is thicker). Heavy-duty leveling floor glides included. The best table tops. All of this technology comes together in a very attractive, high quality bench that our customer's are thrilled with. Cheaper workbenches from many other manufacturers may look good at first glance, but upon closer inspection are less solidly constructed, some requiring "stringers" to hold them steady, use cheaper materials, including non-tubular and/or lower quality steel and particle board, plastic tops that damage easily, low quality frame paint and lower quality accessories and drawers that don't hold up. This results in wobbling, warpage, failures, wear and rust under long-term and heavy use. Other workbench systems are also much more difficult and time-consuming to assemble, with large bags of parts and bolts and lengthy, complicated instruction booklets. Always compare the length and full terms of the warranty before purchasing a workbench. Order a sample bench to compare. BenchPro quality at our prices cannot be beat.

  • Superior Table Tops and Shelves. BenchPro tops and shelves are made of heavy industrial grade 45-47# solid particle board which is sealed and then covered with high pressure .040 Formica®, Nevamar™ or LisStat laminate in your choice of color. Steel tops are made of 18-gauge steel over 1-1/8" particle board core. Tops are a sleek 1.25" thick (supports over 5,000 lbs with BenchPro's frame, 20,000 lbs for Heavy Duty) with fully rounded front edge for worker comfort. Shelves are steel reinforced. Tops and shelves are sealed on all 6 sides to resist warpage. This system makes BenchPro's tops and shelves highly moisture-resistant, eliminating moisture-causing warpage. ESD tops and shelves are sealed on all sides and covered with Nevamar or LisStat Static Dissipative Laminate™ and 100% conductive aluminum for the underside. Nevamar wears two to three times longer than other laminates. Nevamar's surface technology provides two to three times the ANSI/NEMA standard for wear resistance. Nevamar and LisStat ESD laminates withstand the use of most common chemicals, and are extremely resistant to moisture, heat, hot solder, and solder flux. BenchPro has replaced many competitors' tops which have degraded or lost their ESD properties over time.

  • Drawer Systems are of the highest quality 18 gauge steel, 100 lb. full glide-out ball bearing extension. Custom sizes and weight capacities are available. 2",4",6",12" depth in many combinations or configuration of your choice, standard or extra wide, available on both bench sides and center.

  • Highest quality powder coat finish. High temperature, electrostatically applied high gloss catalytic powder frame paint in color of your choice -- Very attractive and highly scratch resistant.

  • Easiest and Quickest Assembly. See BenchPro's Easy Assembly page. BenchPro workbenches are modular, pre-assembled and "knocked-down", ready for assembly. Just a few simple steps per accessory and your benches are ready for use. 3 minutes or less for a table, and about 1/2 hour per fully accessorized lighted bench with 2 men. (60" length and greater are heavy, so we recommend 2 men per bench.) Most customers find that they barely need our short assembly instructions. (Assembly time does not include unpacking and waste removal.)

  • Lab workstations are made to customer specifications. Cleanroom Workbenches have double-laminated tops (base laminate and Formica, Nevamar or LisStat ESD laminate) on all surfaces -- top, sides and bottom -- providing two layers of protection from any particle release.

  • Dozens of Workbench Options, Accessories and Color combinations to choose from, 100s of possible configurations. Any lengths from 24" to 120".

  • Matching Office and Task Chairs (ESD and standard) - Available in any configuration and color you like.

  • Low Prices -- Our prices for BenchPro accessorized workbenches and for ANY comparable workbenches of this quality are the lowest. Call KroyTech Workbenches at 954-946-8539 or email us for a fast, electronic quote.

  • Superior, knowledgeable service reps. Should you ever need it, we provide expert service and support by phone for all of your workbench needs before, during and after your purchase.

  • BenchPro's Warranty -- When comparing warranties, be sure a hard copy is available. Check the details on top and component replacement coverage. Under what conditions will the seller replace components and for how long? All details should be in writing. BenchPro provides a detailed, written warranty. They seriously stand behind their products and we take care of our customers! BenchPro's warranty

BenchPro Workbenches Compare...

• Meet or exceed ANSI, BIFMA, DIN and GSA Structural Standards.
• Ergonomic Comfort and Productivity.
• America's
Strong Bench.
• America's
High Quality Bench.
• America's
Easy-Assembly Bench.
• America's
Best ESD Workbench System.
• Meet or exceed applicable
ESDA Association Standards.
• Tested to meet or exceed all
BSI Integrity standards and ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2008
• Leading The Way in ESD Since 1983

†Tested weight load is at ends, not distributed.
3/17/15 We have removed all references to tested "distributed weight" loads. We are awaiting more accurate tests from the manufacturer. Tests depicted in photos are not an accurate reflection of real-world use. All weight loads given on this site are estimates.

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Total ESD Control Program Helpful Articles
ESD Control Products

Even the slightest static discharge, undetectable by human touch (below 2500 volts), can weaken, damage or destroy sensitive components. If you purchase ESD protected furniture and accessories, but do not follow proper ESD guidelines, you will not be protected against electrostatic discharge-damaging events. Here is everything you need to set up a successful ESD program.

We can also recommend ESD consulting experts to provide ESD consulting, comprehensive surveys, certification and recommendations to insure that you are in compliance with ANSI/ESDA 20.20 requirements. Turn-key ESD work area and plant-wide solutions can also be provided. Please contact Kroy Ellis at 954-946-8539 for more information.

ESD Association ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard documentation: The ESDA is the industry standard organization for ESD control. This link includes a free download of the ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD control specifications with summary chart. The ESD Association S20.20 handbook: along with TR53 are "THE BIBLE" of ESD control. "Focuses on providing guidance that can be used for developing, implementing, and monitoring an ESD control program in accordance with the S20.20 standard."

ESD Association (ESDA) / ANSI ESD S20.20-2007/ Standards

ESDA compliance verification: All about ESDA compliance verification based on ESDA document TR53 (Technical Report 53).

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): Good overview of the ESD problem and solutions in electronics and semiconductor manufacturing and repair.

Developing an Effective ESD Control Program: Good summary article.

ESD controls: Excellent, easy-to-read article on how to properly set up and maintain effective ESD control for manufacturing or repair. Includes photos and descriptions of typical protective gear, devices and monitors.

ESD audit checklist: Complete checklist for effecting grounding and ESD control.

ESD Association (ESDA) / ANSI ESD S20.20-2007/ Standards

ESD Fundamentals (Electrostatic Discharge Association): A six part series on electrostatic discharge from the ESD Association. For those who want to get an in-depth discussion of ESD and industry standard ESD solutions.

Assessing the Electrostatic Suitability Of Modern Materials (2003): "Are today’s ESD test methods up to the challenges presented by modern materials?" Detailed analysis of current ESD test methods (including ESDA) vs. suitability for today's static control requirements.

The Most Common Causes of ESD Damage (2002): "After studying hundreds of facilities, a veteran ESD consultant and auditor shares his top 23 causes of damage to ESD-sensitive parts."

Advice from Some ESD Professionals (2000): "If you are relatively new in the ESD control arena and could spend a few minutes with some specialists who have fought the static-control threat longer than you, what would you ask them?"

Static Electricity and Computers (Webopedia): Brief but very good article that explains in lay terms how static electricity works and how it affects computer components.

ESD Journal: Everything you need to know about ESD, if you have the time to wade through the site.

Complete ESD Info and articles from Desco: Published articles, tree on-site ESD surveys, consulting and certification available. For Desco services and products, order directly from KroyTech for the best pricing.

BenchPro's ESD workbench system: A detailed description of our ESD workbench system.

If you run an ESD sensitive shop, work area or facility, your entire ESD control program needs to be comprehensive and "air-tight" to avoid and eliminate all possible static events, particularly those that are not normally detectable. We can recommend ESD consulting experts to provide ESD consulting, comprehensive surveys, certification and recommendations to insure that you are in compliance with ANSI/ESDA 20.20 requirements. Turn-key ESD work area and plant-wide solutions can also be provided. Please contact Kroy Ellis at 954-946-8539 for more information.

ESD Equipment, Testers and Accessories From Desco* ESD Symbol
Get the highest quality ESD equipment, supplies and accessories you need here. Order from KroyTech for the best prices.
Helpful Hints
FESD wrist straps and foot grounders must be tested daily. When straps or grounders fail, corrective action (see articles below) must be taken and hardware/product retesting should be done. Full-time wrist strap monitoring is much safer and more effective for daily ESD-sensitive (ESDS) sitting operations. If and when an operator's strap or grounder fails after a successful test, the operator is very possibly inducing intermittent (hard to detect), latent (later) or catastrophic static damage to any ESDS components handled until the next test. In a rigorous ESD control program, upon a verified ground test failure, all ESD-sensitive components/ product handled since the last successful test would be retested or even scrapped.
Keep in mind that wrist straps and grounders that fail intermittently will probably not be caught by a tester until or unless the failure occurs at test time or the strap or grounder fails permanently. All fabric wrist straps, grounders and ESD smocks will lose acceptable conductivity intermittently or permanently at some point. Metal wrist strap bands can work indefinitely, but may not be as comfortable.
ESD Journal article "Combining Wrist Straps, Monitors and Lotions" -- A case study on wrist strap testing and failure rates.
ESD Journal article "Monitoring Your Monitors (1990)" -- A case study which offers solutions to "false alarms" and needless replacement of straps and grounders.
FESD wrist straps and foot grounders work by making contact with the sweat layer of the skin. If the strap is not tight enough or if the sweat layer at any time is insufficient to conduct adequately, or the sweat layer has not sufficiently come through an operator's socks (for foot grounders), the operator will not be working or consistently working within ESD-safe ranges, thereby possibly inducing various levels of static damage to components/ product. ESD/conductive lotion should be used for dry skin. In some cases it may require repeated applications.
FESD testers, monitors and ionizers in daily use must be recalibrated annually as these lose accuracy with use and time. Ionizer pins must be cleaned regularly to eliminate carbon build-up.

Static Solutions ESD Accessories
Elastic Wrist Strap WS-1020
Constant ESD Monitor CM-1701
Combo Tester 8700
Tester with PC interface Data Logger 8900
Get only banana plug tipped ESD wrist straps for our workbenches.
High quality wrist straps and constant monitors are recommended for long-term ESD-safe
sitting operations. Our SS CM-1701 will also monitor your bench ground.
Use foot grounders and combo testers for
standing operations. Order ESD products directly from us for best pricing.

Along with proper grounding of your ESD furniture, use of a high quality ESD wrist strap, proper use and daily testing (or preferably use of a continuous monitor) are the most critical aspects of an ESD-safe operation. Use foot grounders on conductive floors or on ESD floor mats for standing operations.
Hip-to-cuff ESD Smocks
are a viable alternative to wrist straps. ESD Smocks protect against insulative clothing. Wrist straps, grounders and ESD smocks should be tested daily or connected to a monitor. Grounders cannot be monitored, only tested.

ESD Training and Awareness Guide: ESD guide for your company and employees in "layman's" terms. This covers the basics of what your company and employees need to know to implement and maintain a successful ESD control program. Highly recommended. Ask for a sample.

A must read -- Analysis of common wrist strap failure:
Solving the Wrist Strap Snap Release Problem
Choosing a Wrist Strap Monitor

*Order directly from KroyTech for the best prices. Minimum order for ESD accessories is $100.
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